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Top 10 Web Design Trends For 2018

Top 10 Web Design Trends For 2018

Proper and attractive web designing is an essential element when it comes to gaining good traffic for your website along with proper narration of the central theme of your business. Every year developers and designers from all over the globe come up with technologically forward designs to ensure the audience gets something new every time. Let’s check the top ranking web designs for Forex brokers that have been trending in the year 2018.

1. Web Animation

Animations tend to ease the understanding of interfaces for Forex brokers along with idea implementation in a visually attractive way. With the fast-paced world hardly having time to spare, animations can be an effective time way of conveying the complex ideas in a simpler format. Animated logos are the latest demand in the digital marketing industry that plays a vital role for Forex users.

2. Asymmetric Layouts

Forex brokers requiring a good layout for their website always complain the designs to be too boxy. Counteracting the old trend, Asymmetric layouts are the latest rage in the market. This latest pattern is used to emphasize the motion along with the addition of focal points to interest the viewer for ease in Forex trade execution.

For example, if one is going for website related to Forex trade then the Forex web design implements the use of asymmetric layouts to avoid any traditional boxy look and reflect a presentable and attractive design. More attractive Forex website designs attract users to hit the website.

3. DesignOps

DesignOps is a DevOps equivalent that has been geared to improvise the traceability, automation, and collaboration of the design world with the use of paradigms which has been found in the world of development for years now.

4. Mobile/Web Convergence

The year 2018 has been an era of latest mobile and web convergence. Tools and techniques are curated every other day to improvise the interjection of these two platforms to implement ease of use for Forex users. This helps in the creation of a universal solution for Forex market in conjunction with two separate platforms. Forex Website design for Forex traders urges the implementation of mobile and web convergence technique to provide better access to different tools with ease.

5. Blockchain

The latest applications in the Forex business world are now delivered with the use of blockchain-based preface which has impacted the Forex sector in a major way. Web design for Forex with the careful amalgamation of blockchain-based applications helps connect the web with backend applications.

6. Mondrianizm

Mondrianizm relies on the application of crisp and perfect geometric shapes with the use of primary colors that attract the viewer’s dominating the Forex trading domain. The outline of the web design is crisp enough to provide an organized and clean look to the website. Use of pop colors makes each page look different from another which leads to a better trading environment for Forex traders.

7. Drop Shadows/Depth

Forex users find it much easier to operate via a website that uses drop shadows along with depth in a proper fashion helps create a 3D look for the website with floating canvas and elements. FX brokerage web design for Forex traders helps establish a brand presence for any business in the online platform with the help of great website designs that use drop shadows/depth.

8. Saturated and Vibrant Color Schemes

With 4K monitors getting standardized in the recent years, use of colors to their full potential has been seen trending which depicts the perfection in designs with no loss of quality. Forex trading generally requires proper attention to each and every detail that is easily visible with the use of vibrancy and saturation in color scheme implementation.

9. Mobile First

Small screens have emerged as the latest trend in the digital world even for forex market which provides ease of access for Forex traders. Browsing via desktop has become an old trend due to the mobility provided by mobile devices. The minimized menu, small icons, and images optimized to fit the mobile screens have provided ease of access for potential customers of Forex all over the world.

10. Accelerated Pages

Forex traders find it easy to trade with accelerated pages for the mobile platform that uses minimum possible data to load any page to its full potential. This results in pages loading faster than average and improves the browsing experience for the customers.


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