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Why FX White Label Serves as one of the best way for Expansion?

In a fast moving world, the corporate always search for expansion with the optimized cost . Hence in order to equip with the latest technology FOREX solution they choose white label rather than starting their own brokerage firm as it is costly & whereby they opt for FX white label in order to gain easy entry to access to capital markets. There are several benefits of choosing white label:

  • Easy entrance to FOREX market
  • No need to invest in time & lot of complex compliance procedures
  • Can generate revenues with fewer investments
  • No need of monitoring & undue accounting
  • Reduce Back office work
  • No need of hiring dealers or fund managers



Do You Know..??

 Total cost to set up a totally FOREX broking

  • A Brokerage Firm/ FX Bank in EU Region USA, Australia or Cyrus. You Need at least $5-10 Million as Initial Capital on Papers.
  • 15%- 40% Corporate Tax to get registered in that region
  • Starting Capital FX Operations at least $1-2 Million (Including Employee Cost)
  • Marketing Cost for 1 year At least $400K -850K Per Annum
  • Personnel Support, External Auditor, Infrastructure Cost at least $2 -3 Million
  • Security Cost to Regulatory Bodies like NFA, FCA, ASIC,CySec etc ranging $2 – 20 Million
  • Risk Management Cost ranging from $5 million to 10 million
  • Training Cost at least 125K – 200K per annum
  • Meta Quotes®/ MT4 Terminal
    • Purchase Charge: $ 1,00,000 (Including Andriod, Mac, Windows n Web trader)
    • Maintenance Charges at least $22K – 40K per Annum Charges

Source: Sigmate Informatics

 Total Cost to Become a Regulated FX Broker or Bank: $40.35 Million (Approx)

Cost Saving Formula:

We, Sigmate Informatics has created a separate formula that actually calculates the cost saved by you with the help of Cost analytical centres.

The FOREX White Label Programme helps you to Promote Your Own Brand Name with lesser Cost of 815.5 Times than Rather Starting your Own International Brokerage House.

White Label Formula Given Below


WLCS(per Times): TCRB

 WL Programme Cost


Where as,

∑ TCRB = Summation of Total Cost to Become a Regulated Broker

∑ WL Cost = Summation of White Label Programme Cost

= ($ 24,21,0000 * 40% Corporate Tax) /

($7500 (upfront) + $ 2000* (Monthly Maintenance Charges for Desktop) + $1,500* (Monthly Maintenance Charges for Mobile)

= 815.5 Times**


** – (Cost May defers as per different brokers & regulatory body)

What do we provide in our white Label program?

  • Sigmate Helps you to create social media presentation with your own brand name
  • To develop sales materials with your brand, contact info
  • We create one of the most helpful research for your potential clients
  • Preparing custom online audits for your Clients
  • Assistance in creating the custom proposals for your potential clients
  • We work closely with your sales team in order to strengthen the business.
  • Constant follow up with your clients as a part of your team
  • We manage all your client’s prospects (if required)

Other Allied Services:

Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Dashboard, Reputation Management, Social Brandscaping, Social Monitoring, Forex CRM Services, Social Ad campaigns, Social Contents.


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