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The truth of Forex CRM: Myths vs. Reality

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The truth of Forex CRM: Myths vs. Reality
   June 12, 2019 By Sigmate Informatics

As the forex broking industry is getting famous across the world, more and more people are attracted to the handsome returns it offers. The traders across the world do not ask too much from a broker but their one expectation is quite fundamental – A good forex trading experience. Now the definition of ‘a good trading experience’ spans across the first time they come across a forex trading platform to ease of trading and ultimately the realization of their earnings through payment gateways. It is fairly easy to meet the expectations of traders through forex CRMs, still a few forex trading platforms fail to make it big. So, the question here is, what is the reality of Forex CRM? Themyths about forex CRM pertain more to the forex brokers and not the forex traders.

Five myths about forex CRMs vs. the reality

1. Myth: A forex CRM is just another sales software

Reality: Well, technically it is a software, yes! But there are multiple ways to look at it. If you see the ultimate objective of a forex CRM, it is the way to improve the revenue of a forex trading firm and also understanding the customers’ requirements and fulfilling their needs. A CRM transforms the mundane executive tasks into customer-centric services. The best way to grow your forex trading business.

2. Myth: Installing CRM is useless for small brokers

Reality: This belief about CRM was true may be 20 years back, when big corporates had started installing the CRM. The technology has evolved a thousand times since. Today, the forex CRM packages are pretty compact and easy to install for budding forex brokers. In fact, this is the one tool that puts them on a level playing field. When you have easy sales process, your team can be more productive.

3. Myth: You have to choose from the existing CRMs only

Reality: When a lot of people are coming up with their own forex trading platforms, how do you think the competition plays out? The answer is simple, customization! You don’t need to choose the CRM that others are using at all. Actually, your focus should be on creating a customized CRM as per your own business model. If you really want to establish a special bond between the traders and your trading platform, contact Sigmate Informatics – we will create the best customized forex CRM for you!

4. Myth: CRM might not fit well with existing system

Reality: We are living in the world where technology changes every other day. In such a scenario, you can’t expect to integrate the latest software with all the systems. However, there are ways to customize the forex CRM as per your existing system framework. You need to get the situation studied thoroughly by an offshore forex CRM developer partner, to create the best CRM for you.

5. Myth: CRMs are too costly for budding forex brokers

Reality: Again, this was the situation a few years back, when CRMs used to cost you a fortune. However, it is not the case now. CRMs are totally affordable for those who seriously want to grow in the forex broking industry. You have to understand the magnitude of business that CRM will bring in, and then compare its cost with that. Also, there are amazing offshore forex CRM developers available who can create a CRM for you, at amazingly low prices.

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